Michael and Jennifer – Our Story

Jennifer and Michael met in Architecture school back in 1995.  After graduating with their Bachelor of Architecture degrees in 2000, they lost touch for years until they were connected through facebook around 2010.  Messages and comments on posts were sent between the couple from time to time.  Once Michael wrote to tell Jennifer he had dreamt of her and in the dream they were walking through ancient Roman ruins and she was leaving to catch a flight to Paris.

In 2021 Jennifer “facebook crushed” Michael and a few months later he noticed & asked her out.  They hit it off and have been having a wonderful time together ever since.

In May 2022 Michael proposed to Jennifer with a vintage 1920’s era Art Deco style ring and she accepted.  In August of 2022 the couple flew to Paris together and had a wonderful time exploring Europe.  The trip included walking through ancient Roman ruins and catching a flight to Paris.  Their wedding theme is “La Vie En Rose” to celebrate the magical feeling that they bring to one another’s lives.


  • John and Julia Cerra

    What a fairytale story, wishing you years of magical moments and lots of happiness and joy. Love John and Julia Cerra

  • ersilia

    great love story, I’m glad you found each other.

  • Lisa Pettorossi

    Love the story and the chronological moments of connection… enchanté!!

  • rocco

    JEN and MIKE.Hello kids. I have procrastinated to share my toughts about you 2. I am very proud of both of you.
    We are sure that you are making the right decision. Seems that your Story came out from a fairy tail book with a happy ending. Jen as you know by now , you are VERY welcomed to our family. I don’t think that Mike could have made a better choice.My biggest GOOD LUCK. WE love you both. Dad Rocco

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